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Please read the following completely and carefully BEFORE submitting your site to the Sweets clique:

1. You must like sweet treats. Duh.

2. Please join with a valid e-mail address through which I could contact you.

3. No copycats, or sites guilty of plagiarism and theft. Likewise, hate or porn sites will not be accepted.

4. Your site must be tastefully-made and easily browsed. Kindly no typing lIkE dIz or the unbelievably excessive use of online slang.

5. The code has to be up shortly after you submit your membership data. It can be on the splash/index page, or a cliques/rings/links page that could be easily found. If the code is not up when I visit your site, you will not make it to the Members List.

6. Later on, should you change your e-mail address and/or site URL, update your information through the Modify Form provided.

Easy enough, right? So go grab a sweet, stick it on your page, and then submit your membership info.